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A different point of view!

A different point of view!

Providing captivating footage from all angles!


Providing captivating footage from all angles!

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Our Equipment


We use state of the art DJI drones with stunning 4K cameras. Of course top of the line Canon DSLR for ground shots.

Our Pilots


Bradley Manchester took rigorous training courses in flight and safety with a nationally renown flight training school Dart Drones. You can rest assured safety, will always be our first concern, in any operation.

Why Us?


We are FAA 107 Certified UAS Pilots. Fully Licensed by the FAA and Insured up to $10,000,000.00! With countless hours of flight time, the right training and competitive pricing, we make the choice easy when picking your drone guy!

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Aerodrome Aerial Imagery

18597 Sarasota Road, Fort Myers, Florida 33967, United States

(239) 200-7738